Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How do you start a Super PAC to promote marijuana
legalization candidates?
(1) http://www.opensecrets.org/
(2) http://www.fec.gov/

What is a Super PAC?
A  Super PAC is an independent political action
committee which promotes a candidate entirely
independently and separately from the candidate
and from the candidate's committee.

The U.S. Supreme Court has made is absolutely clear: you can start
a Super PAC to promote marijuana legalization candidates.
Who would want to donate a lot of money to a Super PAC which
promotes a marijuana legalization candidate?

(a) Sports figures, and every Major Sports Club in America,
see daily news, major sports figures are arrested all the
time for marijuana, the bigger the sports team, the more the
news coverage on the marjiuana arrest of a major league
sports team member.

(b) People who want medical marijuana to be legalized
under federal law.

(c) People who want less government control of their
personal lives. People who feel the government has grown
like cancer and infringes upon our U.S. Constitutional rights
to privacy in our homes.

(d) People who are religious and believe in the Holy Bible,
Old Testament, Genesis: God Gave Us Every Seed Bearing Plant.

(e) People who are deeply outraged that private-for-profit
prisons are making so much money off of prison labor,
while they are receiving funds from tax payers to imprison
people, that with the combined profit of tax payers being
forced to pay taxes to fund private-for-profit prisons and
the profit from the prison labor, Corrections Corporation

(f) People who believe we are suffering from Unfair Trade
Restriction and Economic Treason because it is legal to
import hemp products from foreign countries and sell
them in the United States of America, including selling
them at Walmart, but it is not legal for farmers in the U.S.A.
to grow hemp. This is ECONOMIC TREASON.

(g) People who do not want their children denied any
college loans or grants simply because they had a
marijuana conviction as a teenager.

 Why should a person
be convicted to a lifetime of ignorance because they
can't afford to pay for a college education, which is
necessary in this complex and high tech civilization?

Denying kids any college loans and grants because
of a  marijuana conviction as a teenager keeps
people down, keeps people poor, and is not in
the best interests of a civilized society.

(h) People who work in the entertainment industry,
particularly in California, actors, agents, union members
are deeply affected by marijuana arrests in their community
all the time.

(i) Corporations which currently produce beer and wine will
be happy to donate to Super PACs to
promote marijuana legalization candidates because
when marijuana is legal they will be able to substitute
a weed which grows like wildflowers, marijuana, for harder
to grow crops of hops and barley and grapes for beer and wine.

Marijuana beer at 5% strength and marijuana wine at 10%
strength will out-sell other beverages.

How do you find Corporations and People who might donate
money to your Super PAC?

Go to http://news.google.com/ and search for 'marijuana'.
Find all of the news stories of people arrested for marijuana
 for each  and every day of the campaign season,
 and call them or their attorneys
or their family members and tell them that they really need
to have a candidate in the U.S. House or the U.S. Senate who
will work to legalize marijuana.

There are currently two marijuana legalization candidates:
Cris Ericson http://usmjp.com/
United States Marijuana Party
Ed Forchion http://tlmp.org/
The Legalize Marijuana Party

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