Friday, August 10, 2012

Debating Health Care in Vermont August 2012

Debating Health Care in Vermont

Hello! In the recent U.S. Senate independent candidate forum,
health care is discussed , and
Cris Ericson states several reasons why
Vermont's Single Payer Health Care Plan
has pitfalls.

 One reason is that people currently working for
a medical billing company will lose their job when the company
they work for is forced to close down under the monopoly plan
of "single payer". 

Another reason is that there is already case-law
proving you can't combine funds from different programs and melt
them together.

It is simply not legal to take Medicaid dollars for
the poor and Medicare dollars for the disabled and pool them
with forced taxation of Vermonters and have four levels of
health care and only give the cream on the top to the rich
by delegating adequate health care to the poor and
Gold plan Green Mountain Care to the middle class and
Silver plan Green Mtn Care to the upper middle class and
Platinum plan Green Mtn Care to the rich and wealthy.

Also, it clearly is a violation of the U.S. Constitution of our right
to only have laws written and enacted by elected officials, to
abort that right by allowing un-elected administrators to create
rules and regulations which become law, while simultaneously
the elected officials shrug off responsibility because they are
illegally delegating rule making to un-elected administrators.

Please take the time to listen to the independent U.S. Senate
candidate forum which was taped live at CCTV on Aug. 2, 2012.

Who is not inviting Cris Ericson to debates and why?

UVM is a private-for-profit university.
The University of Vermont ( UVM ) policy
towards POLITICAL candidates, 
 actual abuses  candidates
with small campaign budgets, and proves that they treat
some candidates in the same manner that negroes
were treated during segregation when education was
"separate but equal".  The U.S. Supreme Court ruled
that putting negroes in separate schools from white
children was not "equal".  Refusing to allow candidates
with small campaign budgets to participate in debates,
and segregating them and only allowing them to
speak before a half dozen student union members,
is dispicable.

Cris Ericson, 2012 candidate on the official election
ballot in Vermont for Governor and for
United States Senator.
United States Marijuana Party

Cris Ericson is running for United States Senator for Vermont
for the United States Marijuana Party in Vermont.
Please buy campaign t-shirts to show support for her:

Cris Ericson talks about making marijuana legal on this TV Debate Aug. 1, 2012

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